Illustrated guide to a need performed worldwide. Hilarious, fashionable, intriguing and crude.

Dedicated To All Who Wonder How Men Pee
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Rick Ruiz

Inventor, Program Manager, Entrepreneur, Family Man (Dad to six children), Speaker, Author. I have lived in 3 countries, worked in four and travelled to many more.

Enrique Ruiz
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How Do Men Pee 101 Ways Men Pee

Ever wonder how men pee? Why some are so quick? Why do others take so long? How do men "do it"?

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Ultimate Bathroom Book - How Do Men Piss?

How Do Men Pee?

Is peeing just a means to satisfy a biological need or can there be more at stake?
Is it fun, can it be done in style, is it a way to kill time or maybe hone our aim?


  • Volume of pee over a lifetime
  • Speed of urine flow
  • Urine uses
  • What happens behind the stall?
  • Why are men messy?
  • How do men pee?
  • Tourist attractions around peeing
  • Interesting quotes from celebrities about peeing
  • Interesting ways that men have found to piss

Ultimate Bathroom Book

... this welcome, overdue little book. It's full of etymological nuggets, trivia and scientific data, and iillustrations that resonate on broadly cultural or intensely personal levels.

Lots of stuff that's neat to know when you gotta go. The book also proves that a discussion of the subject at hand, like the subject itself, can be approached with style, insight and humor.

Read. Enjoy. And stand proud, gentlemen. Stand proud.

Richard Gentilcore
Writer, Producer, Director. HBO, Lifetime, NBC, Showtime
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